8 - 25 Dec, 2016
Let’s give the greatest gift to Thailand with endless giving miracle
Good Star
The Mall Group invites everyone to joint together to go do good, to share good, to give good.
Let’s come together and write down your commitment to do good on a star… because every star is meaningful
Every 100 Stars, Karen community will receive 1 wild fire protection tool.
Every 1,000 Stars, a student in rural area will receive 1 bicycle.
Every 10,000 Stars, an amputee will receive 1 prosthetic leg.
Every 100,000 Stars, rural school will have 1 library
When there are 1,000,000 stars, a miracle will happen.
The Mall Group + Partners + Tenants + Suppliers will join together and donate 10 million baht to the Chaipattana Foundation
Good Market
Guaranteed to Make You Feel Real Good!
Good Products at Good Value by Good Merchants for Good Shoppers with Good Hearts and Good Action
for Good Feelings 

Enjoy good gifts & souvenirs, memorabilia, collectibles, freebies, books, handicrafts and locally supported food e.g. ThaiCraft Fair Trade, Good T-Shirt for charity by renowned artists & designers, customized stamp by Thailand Post. Try special menus made from local ingredients by After You Dessert Café, and more.
Explore inspiring ideas and motivation from those who put sufficiency economy into action including Pgakenyaw & Friends, a hill tribe community with simple way of life; Food4Good Thailand, a network of leading restaurants to raise donation for underprivileged children; and other charity foundations such as Operation Smile Thailand, helping unfortunate children, and The Voice Foundation, raising funds for abandoned animals.
A true feel-good experience that comes without a cost by kind-hearted artists, entertainers, students and volunteers who perform and host activities, including Q Flure feat. Jazz Band, SWU Bigband Jazz, vocal chorus by children from Sathira Dhammasathan, variety of workshops such as coffee-brewing, flower arrangement, braille reading card making for the blinds, and many more.
#GoodMarket #LetsGiveGood
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